Hard Drive and Server Recovery

Data recovery of digital information from a hard drive

Hard Drive and Server Recovery

There is nothing worse than turning on your computer and quickly realizing that your very important data is suddenly missing. What happened and how do you recover your hard drive data or server? This may seem like a simple process to restore those lost files from your computer, server, laptop, or any computer system, but the process needs to be handled by a professional who is well-versed in hard drive data and server recovery. Data recovery from damaged or failed hard drives is a complicated process that takes time and needs resources to complete successfully.

There are a number of reasons that your hard drive data has been deleted, anything from Malware/Virus infections, Windows detected a Hard Disk Problem, an unexpected outage, or maybe your cat knocked over your morning coffee onto your computer. Any of these can cause your hard drive data to be lost and in need of being restored.

When this happens, you’ll need a reliable external hard drive recovery service, such as Total Data Migration, to help recover your critical data. A professional external hard drive recovery service can help reacquire files lost from formatted or wiped drives that your computer no longer recognizes.

We start by evaluating several different components, including your hard drive model, how old the system is, firmware revision, which is the revision of software running on the processor on this particular device, as well as the failure scenario. Our first step is to have our specialist stabilize the hard drive so that they can retrieve any data from it. Working in a clean-room environment, the hard drive recovery process can consist of replacing failed components such as the read/write head assemblies, driver motors, or logic control components.

At Total Data Migration, our experienced engineers have a solid background in all types of data formats, plus years of combined knowledge in the process of hard drive disk and server recovery. With a high recovery success rate, we go into each project knowing that there is an excellent chance to fully recover all of your lost data. We can retrieve any data, even from storage devices that other data recovery companies have labeled “unrecoverable”.


Features of services include:

  • Hard drive data recovery is the process of restoring lost files from laptops, desktops, servers, or any other computer system that relies on hard disk drives (HDDs) for data storage.
  • Every case individually using an optimized process, analyzing a variety of factors including hard drive model, age, firmware revision, and failure scenario to create an appropriate recovery plan.
  • Each of our locations is equipped with ISO 5 cleanroom technology, able to perform all necessary component repairs on-site.
  • Our engineers have access to a number of other specialized tools, which allow us to repair hard drive firmware, read/write heads, and other components in a safe and effective manner.

No one likes to lose data, and our number one goal is to get all of your data back! Hard drive recovery is a significant part of our day-to-day business operations, and our success rates for hard drive recovery are around 96%.

Total Data Migration's data restoration services are quick, cost-effective, and available anywhere in the world.

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