Ransomware Encryption and Corruption

Data recovery of digital information from a Ransomware attack

Ransomware Encryption and Corruption

Am I at Risk for Ransomware? Ransomware is a legitimate risk for anyone with a computer and data that they want to keep attainable and secure. This includes organizations, businesses, governments, and even individuals. Basically, everyone is vulnerable to a ransomware attack.

Recent statistics show that there is a ransomware attack every 40 seconds, costing businesses upwards of 20 billion dollars per year to try to recover their data. Not only is the cost high to pay for these data recoveries, but there is also the lost production time to consider as well. With varying timeframes of a few days to several months, the average company being hit by ransomware is down somewhere between two and four weeks.

Another distressing statistic is that almost half (45%) of US companies suffered a data breach in the past year. One study stated that 60% of all companies that suffer a data breach from Ransomware are forced into bankruptcy within six months.


What exactly is a Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware is malware that encrypts the vital files on your local and network storage making them inaccessible and unable to be read. This is done by this simply accessing your files, encrypting them with an attacker-controlled key, and replacing the original ones with an encrypted version. Since the malware is encrypted, the key cannot be forced and the only way to recover the information is through data recovery or from a backup.

Meanwhile, these ransomware hackers are demanding huge sums of money to "decrypt" your files. Even when a company does pay the ransom on these encrypted files, they are rarely able to fully recover their data, as the keys given by these hackers many times will malfunction.

I have been hit by Ransomware, what do I do?

Hopefully, you have been backing up your data, and the easiest way to recover from a ransomware attack is to simply restore your files and folders. If you have a fairly recent backup, be sure to test it first to ensure that it also wasn't affected by the ransomware attack. If you don't have a backup, you will most likely need to contact a company such as Total Data Migration which will be able to assist you in the recovery of your data. Time is of the essence when it comes to a ransomware attack, and the longer you wait, the less likely you will be able to get your data back.

Total Data Migration services include:

  • Data recovery of digital information from a Ransomware attack, web server, cell phone, or other devices.
  • Performed in a cleanroom by trained engineers.
  • Damaged devices are temporarily repaired, and the data is transferred to a second device (usually an external hard drive or flash drive). When files are deleted, corrupted, or otherwise damaged, engineers will work directly with the data to restore them, using software tools to return access.
  • Assessment of impacted data storage devices to determine the feasibility of recovery.

Total Data Migration's data recovery services are quick, cost-effective, and available anywhere in the world.

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