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Total Data Migration (TDM) is the leading provider of tape and data restoration services and solutions. As industry experts in non-native tape restoration, our team can process any data, email, or voice tape — anywhere in the world. 

Utilizing our large collection of drives and systems, we are able to process large quantities of tapes and other data storage devices without risking your security or privacy. 

If you need data restored from any archival or backup data storage system, TDM can keep your project moving forward. Schedule a free consultation today.


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Tape & Data Restoration & Recovery Services

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive resource for data storage management. Features of our services include:

  • Restoration of data, email, and voice tapes
  • Data liberation from backup systems
  • Data restoration without the original hardware of software
  • Usable, consumable, and native file formatting
  • Support for over 3000 native tape systems, backup formats, and voice loggers

Your organization needs a data restoration partner that can provide efficient services while maintaining your security and privacy.

At TDM, we’ve built our reputation by customizing each project to our clients' needs. All services include a Statement of Work establishing performance metrics — and because we support our services with a clear satisfaction guarantee, you get total peace of mind as your project progresses. 

Restore Data From Legacy Systems — And Access Your Data Anywhere

Can your organization find important data stored on legacy systems? 

Whether your goal is to protect information from ransomware attacks, comply with retention requirements, or retain access to mission-critical data, you need complete assurance that your data is available — and accessible — when you need it.

That’s not necessarily easy: If you’re relying on older archives, you’re depending on unsupported legacy hardware for retention. 

Total Data Migration (TDM) offers modern solutions to all data and tape restoration needs. With an expansive hardware library and the industry’s most comprehensive set of backup-specific tools, TDM can quickly identify and extract data from backups — regardless of the data’s format. 

Tape Restoration & Data Accessibility

As a global provider of tape and data restoration, TDM has delivered tape and data services in over 33 countries across six continents. Offering proven mobile or on-site data restoration services, TDM offers secure and scalable solutions that allow us to process your data from anywhere in the world without exposing your data to privacy or security risks.

TDM bridges the gap between physical and digital data, providing seamless access to data from LTO, AIT, and other data tape formats — along with voice tapes and other physical storage devices. 

We facilitate the transition to digital and cloud-based data storage. By working closely with your team, we ensure that every project is aligned with your business’s goals.

Tape Restoration And Data Restoration For Enterprise

Tape-based data records are secure and reliable, but they often require time-consuming manual processes. At scale, data restoration is expensive when handled in-house — and handling your restoration project without an experienced partner can create serious vulnerabilities.

TDM provides enterprises with secure options for migrating away from tape-based storage. Whether you’re switching to a modern format like LTO-9 or moving your data to the cloud, our experts can help you handle your project the right way — limiting your costs while ensuring reliable results.

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As a global provider of tape-based data restoration and data restoration support solutions, TDM has the expertise your organization needs to maintain access to critical data. 

Whether you need to restore data from an extensive library of tapes or convert a single device to a modern, accessible format, we’re here to help. Reach out to a data restoration expert today.

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Every project starts with a free consultation. By assessing your organization’s needs, Total Data Migration can provide a detailed Statement of Work — and help you retain access to data on legacy systems without sacrificing security.

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TDM has extensive experience migrating data and backup tapes to new environments efficiently, safely, and securely.


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TDM can gather electronic evidence anywhere in the world utilizing our portable on-site systems.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Statement of Work clearly outlines expectations — and ensures reliable results.