Video and Audio

Data recovery of digital information from a hard drive

Video and Audio

Total Data Migration offers a broad range of audio and video restoration services. We salvage and restore footage damaged under a variety of conditions, including:

Defective or faulty equipment.
Flood and water damage for which we have developed techniques to clean, dry, and re-lubricate tapes.
Fire, smoke, and heat damage in which we replace plastic parts of the case and clean all contaminants from the tape's surface. We then re-lubricate the oxide so that it can be played and transferred to new stock.
Oxide re-lubrication for tapes stored under a variety of conditions.
Remove contaminants such as adhesives, dust, dirt, or various spilled beverages.

Our Audio and Video repair services are available for a wide range of formats, such as:

2" Quad
1" Open Reel
1/2" Open Reel EIAJ & Pre-EIAJ
1/4" Open Reel Akai
Sanyo V-Cord
Mini DV

As one of the leading teams providing audio and video recovery services, we are committed to providing the solutions you need to protect your important footage and recordings. What sets us apart from the competition is our experience. Our technicians have decades of experience, and they are familiar with all of the video formats that have come and gone over the years.

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Audio and Video

Features of Audio services include:

  • Audio assets are inspected for physical damage, poor tape wind, mold, dust, dirt, or chemical breakdown.
  • Repair of media, when necessary, remediate any mold issues, and make sure any asset debris or other contaminants that might interfere with the highest-
    quality transfer are removed.
  • Laboratory-grade incubators, provide the ability to bake any sized tape exhibiting binder hydrolysis or “Sticky Shed Syndrome.”
  • Use of professional playback equipment, top-of-the-line analog to digital converters, and other proprietary systems to achieve optimal signal capture,
    and the highest resolution signal.
  • Audiotapes are set up to tone and program levels checked.
  • Identification of signal problems and any additional problematic playback issues (such as stiction/binder hydrolysis and tape damage).
  • All of our operations are conducted in clean, dust-free environments, and all of our playback machines are inspected and cleaned regularly. And each file
    is spot checked for completeness and quality prior to delivery.

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