Retire Legacy Systems

Data recovery of digital information from a hard drive

Retire Legacy Systems

Am I at Risk for Ransomware? Ransomware is a legitimate risk for anyone with a computer and data that they want to keep attainable and secure. This includes organizations, businesses, governments, and even individuals. Basically, everyone is vulnerable to a ransomware attack.

Recent statistics show that there is a ransomware attack every 40 seconds, costing businesses upwards of 20 billion dollars per year to try to recover their data. Not only is the cost high to pay for these data recoveries, but there is also the lost production time to consider as well. With varying timeframes of a few days to several months, the average company being hit by ransomware is down somewhere between two and four weeks.

Another distressing statistic is that almost half (45%) of US companies suffered a data breach in the past year. One study stated that 60% of all companies that suffer a data breach from Ransomware are forced into bankruptcy within six months.


Retire Legacy Systems

When your organization is ready to upgrade from legacy archival or backup systems, TDM can help.

Our team can provide the guidance you need to adopt a cloud-based strategy or move to a modern backup format, providing enormous benefits with an excellent return on investment.

  • Eliminate the high maintenance costs of legacy systems
  • Improve data accessibility and ensure compliance with retention requests
  • Remove the fixed costs associated  servers, libraries, and software licenses
  • Find a solution that only costs resources during restoration — not during downtime

Upgrade from legacy systems with guidance from the industry leader.

Reduce Costs While Maintaining Access To Your Data

Keeping up to date with the latest backup and restore solutions can be a key part of maintaining your IT performance — and maintaining your companies’ competitive advantage.

Your IT department needs to reduce backup times, accelerate restore times, and enhance data availability. Legacy data systems aren't aligned with those goals.

However, archive and legacy data can't be discarded: Due to legal and compliance-related obligations, enterprises often need to retain data tapes that are no longer supported by live infrastructure. Maintaining those systems requires skilled labor, not to mention physical storage space and software licensing fees.

TDM can provide a complete solution for addressing the challenges of legacy and archival data. Our tape restoration experts coordinate your team to find solutions that meet your goals — and solve the problems of enterprise data storage.

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