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Data tapes remain the standard for archival storage — but when your organization retires data storage media or switches to a new format, secure sanitization is extremely important. 

Archives and backup systems are frequent targets for ransomware attacks, and a single mistake may put your data at risk. In many industries, secure media sanitization isn’t optional, but even if your enterprise has no specific compliance requirements, utilizing best-practice data destruction techniques helps to limit your risks.

Total Data Migration (TDM) provides data destruction services for every storage media format — including legacy tape systems. With decades of expertise, we’re able to keep your project within your budget and timeframe.

For secure, compliant, and eco-conscious media erasure, trust the experts. Contact TDM to discuss your project.


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Media Sanitization Protects Your Business

It’s never “just a tape.” Your organization’s storage media may include:

  • Genetic research data
  • Payroll information
  • Email server access
  • Manifest data
  • Medical information

Even when data is outdated, it may be legally protected — and poor data management practices can expose your business to litigation, fines, and other penalties. 

Common Tape Erasure & Disposal Risks

Let’s answer the obvious question: “Can’t we just throw away our old storage tapes?”

Unfortunately, this creates enormous risks. Malicious actors often target enterprises, and data tapes can provide them with a valuable vector for their next attack. 

Some organizations handle tape media disposal in-house. However, the most popular methods for sanitizing media have important technical considerations:

  • Degaussing - Degaussing is an effective method of tape data disposal, but improper degaussing practices can leave data on the tape. Learn why degaussing tape cartridges isn’t secure sanitization. 
  • Shredding - Shredding is the most common form of tape media disposal, but it’s not especially secure. Media shredders may leave significant portions of data untouched, exposing your systems to attackers. 
  • Incineration - Incineration securely destroys data on tape media, but it has a negative environmental impact. At scale, it can be costly: Incineration plants must restrict the number of tapes incinerated each day. For larger projects, the costs quickly add up. 
  • Landfill - Discarding media in a landfill may violate environmental regulations, and it’s not especially secure. Remember, if you put your data tapes into a landfill, someone else can take them out — and with the right equipment, they’ll have full access to your files.

A Secure Solution For Tape Data Erasure And Media Sanitization

Total Data Migration (TDM) is a global team of tape specialists. We provide solutions for tape-based data systems throughout the media lifecycle — and when you’re ready to retire storage media, our experts can help. 

Our patented KIT and SWAT systems use a modified tape drive and head technology to securely wipe media and data from tapes. 

Features of our services: 

  • Support for LTO, ACT, DLT, MM, IBM formats, and every other type of digital tape media
  • Support for optical media, hard disk drives (HDDs), and more
  • Full-visibility services to verify erasure of each device
  • Compliance reports available for fulfilling specific regulatory requirements
  • Fast, cost-effective media sanitization for projects of all sizes

Total Data Migration also specializes in tape restoration and data recovery — we know the challenges of secure sanitization, and we’re uniquely qualified for managing sensitive data at scale.

Get in touch with us at Total Data Migration today. Our team can provide guidance for your tape media disposal project or help you build a long-term strategy for securely managing your data (and controlling your costs).

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