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Having Difficulties Accessing Your Tape Data?

Total Data Migration is the foremost expert in magnetic tape processing within litigation & eDiscovery, supporting more tape types and formats, a larger combination of email, data and voice formats and providing a wider range of global delivery options. For our partners, handling jobs for their clients allows us to offer the best-of-breed tape solutions alongside your specialist’ skills elevating the service you provide.

Key differentiators:

  • TDM’s proprietary platform, developed and enhanced over the past 20+ years, provides tape restoration capabilities to support over 3,500 combinations of backup tape media, formats and environments
  • TDM’s restoration tools are ‘purpose-built’ and can be fully automated to fit any client’s needs
  • TDM has experienced resources and identified industry experts in the US and UK
  • TDM has performed its services onsite in 6 continents and over 33 countries