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Ransomware attack puts the company at risk!

Several months ago, a prominent Nationwide Eye Care integrator acquired and merged a new leading eye care service provider into their network. Two weeks into the completion of this acquisition,…

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Having Difficulties Accessing Your Tape Data?

Total Data Migration is the foremost expert in magnetic tape processing within litigation & eDiscovery, supporting more tape types and formats, a larger combination of email, data and voice formats…

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Addressing Common Data Backup Tape Myths

Data tape cartridges have played an essential role in enterprise storage since the first days of computing. While the average computer user will never interact with a Linear Tape-Open (LTO)…

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Why Degaussing Tape Backup Cartridges Isn’t Secure Sanitization

Degaussing is a popular data sanitization method for magnetic storage media. Named for German mathematician (and magnetic pioneer) Carl Friedrich Gauss, the process removes magnetic patterns, leaving data unrecoverable while…

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